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Track Driver Issue 18


  • 100 Years of Racing
  • Lotus Cortina
  • Racer Required
  • Play To Win
  • Coaching Corner
  • Readers' Drivers
  • Golf GTI Donington


  • First Words – The Boss introduces new writers and has sage thoughts about Autosport
  • Noticeboard – Zenos, the new trackday special; NISMO GT-R; Autosport Show; New McLaren
  • Clipping Point – Fisticuffs in the paddock? It’s up to the race organisers to stamp it out quickly
  • Ramblings – A man of modesty, Peter Dron recalls a particularly entertaining Escort race
  • Walker’s Wisdom – Gazing into the future, Mr Walker sees drive–by–wire taking off in club racing
  • Team Cars – Audi TT’s race debut; Alfa’s highs and lows; MG starting to come together
  • Trackday Diary – Spring is sprung, the grass is ris’, I wonder where the track action is…

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Issue 18 of TrackDriver is Online & in Print!

March 8, 2014 by: admin

TD 18 Cover


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Round the Bend with Mark Hales @ Le Mans

June 10, 2014 by: admin

Access to the big track at Le Mans is very exclusive indeed. The whole eight and a bit miles is only accessible one week of the year – partly because a large chunk of the track is still public road – but even when it’s not, you’ll still need an entry for a race which is hugely oversubscribed.

For the last of Mark’s three Dunlop corner videos though, a bit of persuasion from Dunlop gave him access to The Porsche Curves which link the D139 which leads back towards the city from Arnage corner, and appropriately enough, to the Dunlop Chicane which is part of the permanent Le Mans Bugatti track.


Millers Oils Launch New FlowControl Oil Canister

June 4, 2014 by: admin

TrackDriver attended the official launch of Millers Oils ‘FlowControl’ this week at Silverstone, hosted by Tiff Needell and Olympic gold medal winner Amy Williams.

FlowControl Test2

This is a revolutionary new pouring system that simplifies oil changes and eliminates spillage, this compliments their Nano Drive oil ideal for motorsport that apparently offers a step change in oil performance.

Tiff and Amy Williams

Millers Oils Ferrari

How else do you test an oil but to rag a Ferrari around Silverstones Stow Circuit!

Read about out own independent oil test in the next issue of TrackDriver Magazine!

Round the Bend with Mark Hales @ Spa Francorchamps

April 25, 2014 by: admin

Here is the next set of Round the Bends; Spa this time and the obvious corners which are Eau Rouge and Paidillon, the hairpin at La Source and best of all, the double apex 180 degree left hander at Pouhon.

Antony Fraser was doing the videography and we had both expected this one would be an organisational nightmare but in the end it turned out to be much easier than Silverstone. I’ve done a lot of racing at Spa and it’s a real favourite – as it is with most people – but this is the first track day I’ve ever done. We had by chance picked a quiet Gold Track event where there was so much space that it looked almost as if we’d got the place to ourselves. I don’t remember ever having so many laps with so little traffic. And nobody seemed to mind us filming the odd couple of links on track in the lunch break.

Interesting to be studying the corners from a different perspective as well, rather than looking for speed in busier circumstances. Definitely worth the trip, and you don’t need anything special to enjoy the place. I used an Audi A4 diesel quattro and it definitely wasn’t the slowest thing out there.

Spa – Eau Rouge

Spa – La Source

Spa – Pouhon’s-great-corners/


Round the Bend with Mark Hales @ Silverstone

April 15, 2014 by: admin

Round the Bend with TrackDriver editor Mark Hales.

These are the first of a short series of corner guides which Mark has made for Dunlop Tyres.

Dunlop were looking for some additional information in support of their World Endurance sports car involvement which kicks off at Silverstone this weekend (April 18th-20th), hence the “WEC” link in the videos. In which case, you might also ask why the “fast” footage, featured a Radical SR8, when the on board from a factory Audi is already on YouTube. It’s because the FIA owns all the footage to the WEC and insisted on purchase of the entire weekend’s film coverage. A Radical SR8 is probably the quickest thing outside the professional categories, so it is certainly relevant, not to mention affordable…

Spa will follow shortly (race is May3/4), and then Le Mans (June .

Club Corner – Silverstone

Maggotts & Becketts – Silverstone

Some good stuff on the Dunlop website too. Interesting quotes from Millennium Racing driver John Martin, and Dunlop engineer Mike McGregor. He’s talking in particular about the loads the tyres endure. Drivers only think about outright performance but they expect the tyre to perform in every situation, low or high speed. Makes you realise how we all take tyres for granted, and yet they are the four most critical pieces of the car.’s-great-corners/